Electric Shock Riddim 2018 Monster, Sparks Recordz Zimbabwe

"The Electric Shock Riddim" produced By Monster at Sparks Records gives the term Chingungundengu (the type of beat under the genre) it's proper meaning as far as Zimdancehall is concerned. A lot of new artists are featured on this 16 track riddim album. Of the veterans one cannot ignore Loud H's track on the compilation entitled Akabatwa "under the influence" as he talks about a young man addicted to drugs and forced to quit school as a result. Spiderman warns rivals who want to start war while his pal in the industry Ras Pompy is on fire, refusing to throw in the towel as one of the zimdancehall genre's finest of the younger generation after the Soul Jah Loves' and the Seh Calaz. Defending the Empresses, is the one named Iron Lady, seeking to maintain the existence of female chanters on the scene. Also keep an eye on the upcoming artists incuding Junior Elly, Kermikal HKD, Mulanation, Bad gal Tynnie and Fire P.
A beautifully crafted riddim and the f…

Ninjaman Guilty Of Murder and Shooting with Intent

Dancehall artiste Ninjaman has been found guilty of murder, this monday afternoon, in the Supreme Court.Ninja Man has also been convicted of shooting with intent. 
Ninjaman, whose given name is Desmond Ballentine, was charged  along with his son Jahneil with the March 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson, also known as Trooper, on Marl Road in Kingston. 
The dancehall deejay, who was granted bail in 2012, was taken into custody four weeks ago after his bail was revoked by High Court judge Justice Martin Gayle, who ordered that the murder trial should begin immediately. 
The case had seen 17 trial dates and 23 mentions, and was recently transferred to a special court that handles cases on the books for more than five years.Justice Gayle had revoked Ninja Man’s bail and he was taken into custody for the duration of the trial. A seven-member jury comprising four men and three women handed down the verdict in Home Circuit Court in Kingston after three hours and 11 minutes of deliberation. Ninja Ma…

New Seasons Riddim 2017 ABRA Records Available On PDMD

ABRA Simzz & Jusa Dementor the "African Dancehall Ambassador" of ABRA Records return with their latest offering entitled 'New Seasons'.
'New Seasons' is a fast- paced, with a murder she wrote/fever pitch kind of feel in the background riddim featuring many of the top artists in reggae music. It’s one of their best efforts and bwoy is it packed with an array of talented artists from the world over. Aisha Dawn one of my personal favourites, supplies a catchy hook and melody on "Rudo Kunaka" as she confesses being drunk in love.Jnr Tatenda folows the love trend admitting She is my "Sunshine" my everyday.  Maggikal rides the riddim smoothly, another confession on "Turn Me On". The Veteran Lyrical Editor who goes by the name Major E talks about his "Earth Angel" with the help of Eyahra, good piece of work from "Nuh Regular". Ninja Kid combines with Boi Mac & Tyfah Guni on Rainbow as they cement their love on…

"Worst Week Of My Life" Jah Prayzah

Jah Prayzah’s intentions to pay his last respects to the late former aide, Crispen Nyemba, did not go well as he was attacked at the Glen Forest Memorial Park On Monday 31st Of October 2017. Nyemba died in a fatal car accident along Samora Machel Avenue in the early hours of Sunday 29th Of October 2017.Crispen Nyemba,42 years of age at the time of death and former head of security for Jah Prayzah was on his way home from Jamaican Tarrus Riley's show in Harare at the Harare International Conference Centre.
Jah Prayzah had been performing at the Harare International Conference Centre and the burly Chris had provided security for the artist as expected. After making sure that the star was safe, he headed home, it is reported, and it's not clear who he was travelling with in the car. 
Jah Prayzah accompanied by his manager Keen Mushapaidze, had to flee for dear life across the Glen Forest Memorial Park, with the seemingly upset mourners in hot pursuit and some temporarily abandoning…

PDMD News, Views, Comments & Requests

I have created this page to cater for all your opinions and requests for topics to feature on this website. Artists, and producers can contact on for marketing and distribution services. Music fans can also contact with any queries that cannot be put forward through this page. PDMD does anot affiliate itself to one genre of music so anyone anywhere in the world is welcome here, "Let The Music Play".
Most of the posts so far have been Riddims from Zimbabwe a genre that has taken the world by storm. This Music derived from Reggae Dancehall music originally from Jamaica is gaining momentum the world over creating a culture most similar to that of Jamaica the land where it all started from.It is the stronghold of Zimbabwean music as of now with its listeners consisting of both the young and old. It has taken almost 60 percent of Zimbabwean radio airplay.
Urban Grooves also featured on this blog is a pop music genre from Zimbabwe.Urban Grooves first be…

Zim 1 Riddim 2017 Trinnie Beatz Bigyaadz Music

"Zim 1" is the latest offering from Bigyaadz Music. Produced by Trinnie Beats my First impression is Zim 1 Riddim depicts a first for a riddim to be unveiled under the genre Soca in Zimdancehall and believe me you what a riddim this is. Catchy from the first track you will find yourself on the dancefloor involuntarily because that's just how good and enticing this riddim is. Dont let the first 2 tracks from Sunnyman & the evergreen T Makwikwi scare you as their titles suggest because you will be dancing al the way to the last track.
24 tracks so far on the riddim my first attraction was dragged to the  track by the Bigyaadz artist with his signature statement "Ngereketye", yes none other than Simross and the track is entitled "Mafaro". Simross wants to fulljoy himself all day everyday likes it's a holiday. I will not spoil you anymore have a listen for yourself and tell me what you think. Vic Vado's like most of the Riddim compilation is a …

Ocean Drive Riddim 2017 Cool Bellz MLT

"Ocean Drive" is a ship yes a ship at least according to the original sleeve provided by the producer of this magnificent riddim. Cool Bellz may have put a lot of effort into this production to be as beautiful as my own definiton of Ocean Drive, a lovely thoroughfare in the South Beach neighbourhood of Miami Beach, Florida - make it a holiday must if you ask me, I recommend it wholeheartedly. 
I rushed To the first track of this 17 track riddim, Automan Musoja's Pake Apedza. Though a sad song about a deceased who has completed his mission and left a task for the living to folow in his footsteps before they time to meet their maker comes. The strings in this riddim is a rare occurence in Zimdancehall and Cool Bellz blends it in well right from the beginning of the riddim. His international status seems to grow with each day as requests for his releases come in from Europe and the Far West especially the Caribbean Islands. princess Tiffalene a member of the KNV (KoNdisu Vat…